Standard vanilla lamingtons andddd chocolate lamingtons! Made fresh to order, preservative-free!! 🙂



Australia Day

#Straya Day!
Whether you’re a believer of ‘Australia Day’ or ‘Invasion Day’ we hope you had a good day, especially with such lovely weather here in the City.

A good old fashioned get together with friends and family, a bbq or two, copious amounts of food and plenty of drinks… not forgetting the typical snags on the barbie, steaks, prawns, lamingtons and the like; all washed down with a cool bevvy of choice…

Happy Sunday!

Consumption Recommendation

For all fresh-topped J.A.P Cupcakes’ cupcakes, cakes, and catering the following is advised:

“(Cupcakes, cakes, and catered goods are) Susceptible to heat. Keep (goods) in chilled area. Store in refrigerated location. Best enjoyed on day of delivery, soft, at room temperature.”

Second and Third on Google

Yayyyy!!! 😀
When you Google “cupcakes catering” JAP Cupcakes comes up as third on Google’s list!
And when you Google “cupcakes catering Brisbane” JAP Cupcakes comes up as second on the Google list!!
Thank you Google and thank you to all my clients and customers alike for your love of cupcakes, cakes and catering, low in sugar and low in fat, delivered fresh to you!!


I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I love receiving feedback from you wonderful people after you’ve eaten my cupcakes, cakes, and catering, almost as much as I love making it all for you to enjoy! 🙂

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something that makes me gloriously happy (it’s not ‘work’ if it makes you happy!), something that you actually enjoy eating… with less guilt!
Yay for fresh yummies (cupcakes,  mini cupcakes, traditional cakes, novelty cakes, 3D cakes, finger food and full catering) that are low in sugar, low in fat, and without any preservatives!! 😀


Fresh fruit (& veges)


Fresh fruit and vegetables form a vital part of our health… that plus plenty of water, a well balanced diet and don’t forget exercise!

Never forget that fruit also has sugar! Never eat too much of anything… especially not at the one time… that’s what I believe.

Everything in moderation!
Agree? Disagree?



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