2014 Word to the Press ;)


So I finally decided to recommence writing online rather than purely in my daily book log… and what will I be sharing? Whatever comes my way, things seen, unseen, felt, thought, random occurrences, and of course, about JAP Cupcakes.

Knowing that sometimes opinions can get heating in discussions and debates, how words can be read in more ways than one (if anything I write can make you unhappy or angry, I meant it the way that doesn’t make you unhappy or angry… :)) … nothing I write is out of anything other than what I believe/see/perceive/think… at a point in time… although that too can be swayed upon more information and insight. I guess you can say I’m open to others opinions, experiences, and life stories, I hope you are too.

I’m so blessed to have Him, my amazing Hubby, our wonderful family and friends. It’s a blessed feeling knowing we have such strong foundations in our relationship and have righteous people around us. Each with our individual viewpoints, upbringings, walks of life, etc, but united in our firm belief in happiness, mutual respect and solidarity in forming and keeping lifelong unions.

I’m continuously happy and grateful for my small business (http://www.JAPCupcakes.com) that remains in it’s ‘start up phase’ as I have so much more to learn and further to go before I reach where I want to be. I’m blessed in my work aspect as I have a great totem of strength in my life, people who believe in me, and I am lucky to have a ‘work’ that ’employs’ me in something I actually love to do.

So I guess that sums up my first real ‘word to the press’, here’s to sharing my stories, my way…


[photo c/o Gigaom Research]


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