So I read a shared story on Facebook about onions’ healing qualities… about how a cut onion can prevent you from getting the flu, help you get over the flu, and other illnesses. Apparently something about the onion soaks/takes in all the bad bacteria,  ‘making the onion go black’. 


I’m not typically one for sharing random stories but I actually love eating onions, semi-cooked, slightly cooked, or raw… red/white onions alike… so this story does spark my interest. I’m keen to try this, and as it’s coming up to winter soon, I think I’ll have plenty of opportunity to. 


Have you a first-hand experience with the use of onions in this/similar way? Would love to know why you did it and what the outcome was 🙂




Things to remember when Life gets hard

I read this online and thought I’d share it with you all… I know not everyone is religious (irrespective of whatever religion), so I did excerpts of what the original website said (website at the bottom), barr point #4, the others have been slightly altered without losing the ultimate meaning (I think):

1. Remember that your Character should always be stronger than your Circumstances.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we choose to respond. In those moments when I choose to stop complaining and instead give thanks for the good in my life, the parts that seem bad start to seem much less significant. Choose to keep a positive attitude and thankful heart regardless of what you’re going through.

2. Remember that your Struggles always lead to Strength.

Every difficulty in your life, whether big or small, is something to produce more strength, faith and perseverance in you! All your pain has a purpose.

3. Remember that timing is always perfect.

Have the patience to wait instead of forcing your own.


and lastly,

4. Remember that God will never leave your side.

You may feel like you’re going through this struggle all alone, but He will be by your side to the end so never lose hope!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6







Find whatever makes you happy and make an effort to be and stay happy! 😀
(By ways that doesn’t harm/hurt others of course)

Happy Friday!!! 🙂


P.S. Happiness shared is happiness doubled.
.. or tripled… or quadrupled… 😉


If you’ve been following/looking at my various forms of social media, you may have noticed that I’ve started posting up things that aren’t just photos of my cupcakes, cakes, and catering. This (of course) isn’t because I’ve stopped making, baking, preparing, topping, and delivering, but rather to make things more interesting and to let you in on a bit of my thoughts, personality and life.

Hope you enjoy reading and seeing some of the random everyday things about me… you might see that my world outside ‘work’ actually still has a pinch of everything that’s sweet but never too much 😉

Have a great day/night wherever you may be in this wonderful world of ours!


Serving Sizes

After Google-ing for formal ‘finger size’ vs ‘dessert size’ cake information, I think I’ll keep to my nominated guide:

1/3 inch for finger sized cake to be served, i.e. a 12 inch cake can give 36 finger sized servings, which can be broken up into tiers of cake however you want. 😀


Cake Serves – Opinion #2

Another opinion Google found was:

  • 70 guests two tiers finger slices 
  • 120 guests three tiers finger slices 
  • 200 guests four tiers finger slices 
  • All the above prices allow for the top tier being kept 

[Sydney – http://www.celebrationcakes.com.au/]


A bit of a variance between the first Google opinion and the second… especially as the top tier was being ‘kept’ for the ‘first anniversary or first baby, whichever comes first’.

What are your thoughts?

Wedding Cake Serving Sizes

I found the following in my random Google-ing online:



Servings Round Tier Cake  
up to 30 people 5 and 8″ (2 tier)  
up to 50 people 6 and 10″ (2 tier)  
up to 75 people 5, 8 and 10″ (3 tier)  
up to 100 people 6, 9 and 12″ (3 tier)  
up to 125 people 6, 9 and 14″ (3 tier)  
up to 150 people 6, 10 and 16″ (3 tier)  
up to 175 people 7, 12 and 16″ (3 tier)  
up to 200 people 5, 8, 12 and 16″ (4 tier)  
up to 225 people 5, 9, 12 and 18″ (4 tier)  
up to 250 people 6, 10, 14 and 18″ (4 tier)  
up to 300 people 5, 9, 12, 14 and 18″ (5 tier)  
up to 350 people 6, 9, 12, 16 and 20″ (5 tier)  


Servings Square Tier Cake  
up to 25 people 5 and 8″ (2 tier)  
up to 50 people 6 and 10″ (2 tier)  
up to 75 people 8 and 12″ (2 tier)  
up to 125 people 6, 9 and 12″ (3 tier)  
up to 250 people 6, 8, 12 and 16″ (4 tier)  

[Melbourne – http://cakecreationsbymel.com.au]


What are your thoughts on the serving sizes for the cakes?