Marriage Myths

A good read,  what are your thoughts?

“It’s great to enter into marriage full of optimism but everyone knows that no marriage is plain sailing. Some of the commonly-held marriage myths that float around can raise expectations to an unrealistic degree.

With divorce figures getting higher each year it’s about time these marriage myths were put to bed once and for all. Let’s face it, life and marriage itself, is full of challenge, so keeping it real is where it’s at!

So without further ado, check out our Top Three marriage-related myths.

Myth 1: Arguing is bad for marriage

Not necessarily so! There’s no point leaving things unsaid. It’s important to show your spouse how you feel – it’s certainly no good bottling it all in. As long as arguments help you to resolve issues then there’s no real harm done.

Far better though to learn how to discuss hot topics constructively so that issues are not only out in the open but are actually tackled. This is actually quite a skill and may need you and/or your spouse to learn the tactics to ‘fight fairly’. It really can make all the difference.

If you end up having the same argument time and again without resolution or feel that your arguments can become too heated or hurtful then improving your communication is certainly recommended. Take a look at some of ideas on improving how you discuss problems together.

Myth 2: Your partner should totally fulfill you

A marriage does not mean your spouse has exclusivity on your time. As close as you may be, every relationship needs time out. You may have hobbies or interests that your spouse does not share and it is absolutely fine and healthy for you to pursue these alone or with friends.

So keep up your own personal life during your marriage. It gives you something to chat about and helps you to grow as a person. A content, satisfied person makes a happier spouse too!

Myth 3: Having kids makes you closer and can fix a failing marriage

Most parents marvel about how such a tiny, dependent creature can cause such total havoc in their lives. Extra chores, endless washing, sleepless nights, a cluttered house, added expenses and the stress of every tooth, virus and injection!
Parenthood requires an effective, supportive partnership and kids can test any faltering marriage to the limits.

On the positive side there is nothing like the joint pride and that feeling of accomplishment as your children pass certain milestones or achieve things in their lives. Many parents also recognize new-found skills in their partners and appreciate them in a way they did not before.

So kids are a real mixed bag but certainly cannot be relied upon to fix a marriage!”



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