Birthday!!! :)

So… my Hubby’s birthday is coming up in a matter of days (in the low double digits of ‘days away’ now) but, alas, I have still yet to get him a present… and funnily enough, I really, really, really have no idea what to get a man that has everything he says he wants (ME! Lol…).

I offered him an early present to go down to see Top Gear in Sydney with a mate of his choice this coming weekend (prior to his birthday) – he said not interested as he’d rather spend time with me (awwww…)… but this, of course, fails to make it any easier for me to give him an awesome birthday present!

What are your thoughts on what I should get him?

No trips to Paris, or Dubrovnik, or Vegas please (I’d personally love to go however $$ would be an issue you see)… and keep it PG please. Hmmmm…

Thanks in advance of finding out your thoughts 🙂



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