Smile at that stranger, be happy with all who are, and that is, in the world around you. Life is too short to be unhappy/less than happy. The things that try to bring you down are what makes you stronger, faster, better. Never forget to give thanks for all you have and who you are in life, there will always be another person who wants it, or wants a certain aspect of it, irrespective of who you are/what you do. Treat those who are how they are with grace and goodwill, for there is no need to lower to a level below that of where you are, rather stand up tall and know you are better and hope, wish, and pray that one day they will become a better person too. The way you act at any one point in time is only ever a part of you, never the whole of you. You give hope to someone you didn’t realize, and have shared happiness with someone you don’t know. Make each day, every moment count, as there… that moment’s now passed… Never forget to show the people you love you care. And above all, never ever forget to love yourself.



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