Success – 3 Relationship Principles

“The Three Driving Principles for Relationship Success

1. “Focus on the Relationship”
(Every day do positive things for your relationship)

2. “The Only Person You Can Control is Yourself”
(Our thoughts and actions are our own choice)

3. “Communicate Personal Needs in a Timely Fashion, Without Criticizing or Blaming”
(Always listen to the others needs and strive to create win-win solutions)

Do you have enough energy to be a vibrant partner? To wholeheartedly participate in activities and pursuits with your spouse that bring you closer together and create that loving connection. It could be sport, hiking, walking, biking, tennis, fishing, ten-pin-bowling to name a few.

Do you have a plan to be healthy and stay healthy? My intention is not to add any more burden to those who are already tired and struggling to keep up with the demands of life. I only want to point out that what you eat you has a powerful effect on the body. We invariably reap what our lifestyles have sown.

Most people are hardly aware of what we’re eating or how much or how often. We don’t even know when we are full and will eat until abdominal pain stops us. Remember, all seemingly slight indiscretions in health add up. This sets the stage for future acute and chronic life-threatening disease later in life.

So from today start examining the food you eat. Reduce or eliminate processed foods which contain chemicals and are nutrient deficient and replace them with nutrient rich natural whole foods. Eliminate sugar from your diet, coffee, soft drinks all junk food. This won’t be easy but if you become a conscious eater you can live longer, with less or no disease and have a more energetic approach to life and your relationship.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.-Thomas Edison
Start the journey today to optimising your health because you are worth it.”
~ Stephen Solomons


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