Food Intolerances

10 things you didn’t know about food intolerances:

1. Food allergies and food intolerances are quite different.
Food allergies produce a negative reaction in your immune system – think throat swelling and closure. Food intolerances, however, cause a negative reaction in the digestive system and can cause stomachaches and bloating.

2. Reaction time can vary.
Remember that delicious piece of cake you ate last Saturday at your sister’s birthday party? It may be the reason that you’re bloated and gassy on Monday morning. Unfortunately, food intolerance reactions can occur between 30 minutes to seven days after the food culprit was originally consumed.

3. Food intolerances often involve the foods we eat most regularly.
It may be that piece of toast you ate in the morning for breakfast, the yogurt you had for a snack or that pasta you ate for dinner. Foods that contain dairy and gluten are the number one offenders of food intolerance and we eat them all of the time.

4. Symptoms range all over the board.
Stomachaches, gas, bloating, tension headaches, migraines, feeling sluggish, skin rashes, asthma – just to name a few – are all symptoms that can occur from food intolerances. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor and try keeping a food journal to figure out what foods trigger the symptoms.

5. You may not react every time.
One confusing thing about food intolerance is that the amount of food you consume is directly related to the reaction you will have. For example, you may be lactose intolerant but be able to have milk in your coffee without suffering a reaction. However, drinking a whole glass of milk would likely make you want to curl up in a ball and moan and groan. This sometimes makes it hard to pinpoint which foods you are, in fact, intolerant to.

6. Stop eating that food.
The more often you eat a food you are intolerant to the worse your symptoms become. An occasional cheat from your diet won’t leave you with severe effects – as long as your “cheat day” isn’t seven days a week! Get the offending food out of your diet and you’ll become one step closer to a healthy digestive system.

7. You are not alone.
Did you know that many irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms are the same as those of food intolerances?

8. Sadly, there is no cure.
Unfortunately there is no magic pill to make that uncomfortable pain disappear and to allow you to eat those cookies and milk again. The trick is to just avoid, avoid, avoid the foods you have reactions to and find substitute products if you can.

9. There is an app that may help.
The app ‘Food Intolerances’ is available for your smartphone. It has over 700 foods you can track and you can learn about their nutrition facts and possible reasons why you may be reacting to them. You can also add foods to make a shopping list and flag foods you know you have intolerances to.

10. The weight loss versus weight gain debate.
You may have heard that having a food intolerance and not knowing about it can lead to weight gain. You may also have heard that eliminating the food will lead to weight loss. Studies are split down the middle, with some doctors claiming these statements are true while others say they are false. One thing is for sure though: As you start to study the foods you eat more closely, you will be drawn to naturally healthier foods. Your diet will improve and so will your overall body’s health.

Summarizing it:
“1. Food intolerances are different from food allergies. Allergic reactions take place in your immune system whereas intolerance reactions mostly take place in your digestive tract.

2. Reaction time can vary.

3. Food intolerances often involve foods that we eat regularly.

4. Symptoms range all over the board and are never very pleasant.

5. You may not have a reaction every time.

6. The more often you eat a food you are intolerant to the worse your symptoms become.

7. You are not alone.

8. Sadly, there is no magic pill that will make those uncomfortable pains disappear and allow you to still eat those cookies and drink that milk.

9. There’s an app that may help.

10. Your diet will become healthier once you cut out the foods you are intolerant to.



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