I love you

“I say “I love you” all the time, but then, I mean it. Every time I say “I love you” it’s not saying, “You are the love of my life.” But then there are so many kinds of love, love as a friend, love of a person as a unique and outstanding individual. Love as devotion, love as compassion, love as comfort, love as support, love as romance. Love as respect & love as appreciation. ~ Annie Derrell

Some don’t know how to love because they have yet to meet the creator of love. When I say I love you it is with all sincerity. All glory to God for filling me with His love. I show love to all as I want them to see God through me. This world needs love and God is love. ~ Laura Styles

Say what you mean when you mean it. Powerful words say it from the heart when you really feel it. ~ Ana DaCosta

Some of them spit it out like they do their gum. Love is a verb that needs to be shown not just said. ~ Jean Lawrence

If you say I Love You whether it be as a friend, companion, to a child, to the love of your life or to a special friend say it truthfully not just to say the words. ~ DeAnne Estes


I have notice the word love has changed in meaning as well. It’s being used to describe feelings toward materialistic things and less toward family members and close friends. ~ Chris Lou”

I agree with Ann Derrell, I say what U mean and mean what I say. To and about different people and things in different contexts.
What are your thoughts?

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