4 Healthy Changes Worth Making Now


Why? Because it’s good for you!

A car needs fuel to start, your body and mind need something to kick start the day off on a good note too. A healthy breakfast is one of them, not just something quick and laden with sugar, caffeine, and fat, moreso something hearty, filling and wonderfully delicious! Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.



Slumber, sleep, catching the ever elusive zzz’s… whether it be after a big day, a huge weekend, or just with plenty on – deadlines and such – a good period of rest is required to ensure your body is able to continue to function at optimal level. Sleep allows your body to de-stress and brain to cool down slightly – much like a computer’s system.



Knowing how important it is to be accessible, to be contactable, to be ‘with’ what’s hot and the news of everything every minute of every day, we all need to plan a time to put those electronic devices down, to shut out the digital world for a moment in time and get back to the good old-fashioned ways of being by yourself with your own thoughts, catching up with people face-to-face rather than online or on the phone, eating a meal without one or more people on their phone ‘tagging where we’re eating’, ‘telling Annabelle where we are’, or taking photos of food.

When was the last time you really sat down to enjoy a meal without the intrusion of technology?



Routine is a way of life. We wake up every morning at about the same time, get dressed to go to work on the 7am train, not forgetting to grab our morning coffee on the way…

How many times have you realised you were functioning on autopilot? Or another question, how many times in your routine do you allow yourself to stop and ‘smell the roses’?

Life’s only worth those little memorable moments… remember to live them, not just walk blindly through them…


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