Life Lessons

There are life lessons we learn on our own, lessons our family teaches us, lessons our breakups and makeups teach us, lessons we learn the hard way and some we learn the easy way by seeing others go through something. We learn how to be kind, how to be generous, how strong we are, how deeply we can love and how deeply we can hurt. We learn that there may not always be a tomorrow, but it’s important to have hope that there always will be; that time heals all wounds (no matter how long it takes but the most important lessons, show us that we can be the ones that pick ourselves up off the ground when we’ve been bent and broken, when we’ve been tried and tested, when we’ve been high, low and everything in between, and truthfully, they’re the ones that mean the most because they’re unforgettable.

At this point in time the handful of life lessons that have significantly meant something would definitely be:

How to forgive (but not necessarily forget)

Forgiveness is a big hurdle for some, but with this is the knowledge that you don’t forget. Never forget lessons learnt, feelings felt, happenings and occurrences… as they are what help ensure that you don’t allow repetition.

Know that you’re never alone

No matter how it may feel at any point in time, this is never the case. Sometimes you just have to get the courage to know it’s so and take that first step…

To always be better than you were yesterday

No one’s always, constantly, and consistently their best, but no matter what it may be, all you can be is better than the person you were yesterday. You may flail, you may falter, but know that each moment of each day is a new chance to be a better you.

Quality is more important than quantity

It’s not the number of friends you have, it’s the depth of that friendship, the quality of your bond. It’s not the number of possessions you have, it’s the memories that come with each item.

Trust someone with everything you’ve got

To trust is to also be deemed trustworthy…

Being yourself is always enough

Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and make that choice. Whatever it is, is either going to be worth it, or you’ll know that something better was destined.


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