Fluoride Poisoning

Fluoride is found in so many places that is it nearly impossible to avoid it.

It can be found in your medication, toothpaste, non stick pans and so much more.

And although calcium fluoride can be found naturally underground and ocean water, sodium fluoride which is used for water fluoridation is a toxic waste substance created from the production of aluminum.

There is good news however, research is proving a common spice can prevent fluoride damage. A new study has been published in the Pharmacognosy Magazine titled, “Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride: An in vivo evidence,” and it adds more evidence to the fact that fluoride is indeed a brain-damaging substance.

This new study also reveals that the natural spice tumeric (curcumin) is a protective agent against various health effects associated with fluoride toxicity.

The researchers from the Department of Zoology, University College of Science, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India, have spent the past decade investigating the effects fluoride has on neurology, and in particular the cells of the hippocampus and cerebral cortex. The study concluded:

“Our study thus demonstrate that daily single dose of 120 ppm F result in highly significant increases in the LPO [lipid peroxidation, i.e. brain rancidity] as well as neurodegenerative changes in neuron cell bodies of selected hippocampal regions. Supplementation with curcumin significantly reduce the toxic effect of F to near normal level by augmenting the antioxidant defense through its scavenging property and provide an evidence of having therapeutic role against oxidative stress mediated neurodegeneration.”



[c/o http://dailyhealthpost.com/this-spice-helps-protect-your-brain-from-fluoride-poisoning/]

3 thoughts on “Fluoride Poisoning

  1. Best to buy non fluoride toothpaste and don’t boil water as it concentrates the fluoride. A water filtration system is a good idea but only some remove fluoride so you need to research it. Basic filters like Brita don’t remove fluoride. Fluoride is a by product/ waste from pesticides and is a way to make money from this waste. Fluoride in higher doses was used by Nazis in their camps to dumb down their prisoners and make them more docile.

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