With another weekend just behind us, we should all be feeling well-rested, rejuvenated and ready to start the working week. But chances are your weekend wasn’t as relaxing as you would have liked and Monday morning has arrived like a big slap in the face.

Last weekend you probably had a few errands to run, family commitments, work emails to attend to and very little time to actually spend doing the things you love. And you’re not alone.
Only one in ten Australians would describe their weekend as exciting and one in five call in sick on Monday, according to new research by TFE Hotels’.

Work commitments, family commitments and pets are the biggest barriers preventing us from enjoying our weekends.
And one in four Australians say their habit of checking work emails up to five times a day during their two days off is the worst thief of a great weekend.

“Removing yourself from your environment can be quite therapeutic. You don’t feel like you need to uphold all these things that you need to do every weekend and then you come back feeling recharged and rejuvenated.”
“Whether it’s half an hour or five hours away, for me it’s going to be enough of that physical detachment that I can turn my brain and of and just spend time with my partner or with friends.
“It removes that temptation and that need to feel like you’ve got to be in contact with everyone or 20 minutes away from everyone.
“[When I come back] I feel recharged, and a lot more energetic, ambitious and keen to get back into the next week.”

[c/o http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/do-you-suffer-from-weekenditis/story-fnixwvgh-1226883486969?from=public_rss%5D

Have you had weekenditis?


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