Budget Tips

Make your hard-earned dollar go further! Here are some random tips…



Cut down on coffee runs
Cook dinner at home instead of eating out
Buy groceries in bulk

Pack a lunch
Buy produce in season
Then freeze fruit for smoothies or pie filling…or dehydrate it

Cook vegetarian once a week
Get protein from beans instead

Set a grocery budget

Make your own bread
Grow a garden
Meal plan
Make a grocery list
Freeze leftovers
Preserve foods by canning
Stock up when you find a deal
Buy a quarter or side of beef
Creatively use whatever ingredients you have
Don’t buy convenience foods
Cook more cheap staples
Don’t waste food that’s about to go bad
Cook from scratch
Make your own stock
Make your own seasoning
Make your own almond milk, or cashew, rice, or coconut milk

Make your own yogurt
Buy whole chicken instead of parts
Take advantage of price match guarantees
Buy meat in bulk
Look for recipes that are cheap to make



Cancel your home phone

Turn down the heat

Shop for a cheaper mobile phone plan

Cancel cable tv

Use less water

Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer
Cover drafts with a sweep or door snake a.k.a. towel
Cook with gas bottle gas rather than town gas (whichever is cheaper!)

Unplug unused appliances


House & Home

Switch to cloth napkins… and make your own cloth napkins

Do your own home maintenance

Shop for a better deal on insurances

Move to a cheaper home or a smaller home

Do your own yard work
Replace plastic snap lock bags with reusable food containers
Make your own laundry soap
Sign up for free samples
Make your own cleaning supplies


Babies & Kids

Use cloth diapers instead of disposable

Use cloth baby wipe cloths instead of disposable baby wipes
Buy gender neutral baby clothes and gear
Buy only the necessities for a new baby


Personal Care

Let your hair go back to its natural colour
Don’t use disposable products
Save manicures and pedicures for very special occasions only



Use government bulk-billed providers

Cancel the gym membership that you don’t use anyway
Quit smoking



Take the bus, bike, or walk instead of driving
Commit to being a one car family
Combine errands into fewer trips
Make sure tires are properly inflated
Drive the speed limit
Do your own car maintenance
Shop for a better deal on insurance


Gifts, Holidays, and Hospitality

Shop for gift wrap at the dollar store

Re-gift (with care)
Make it a potluck
Make your own ice cream sundae bar
Decorate for parties with what you already have

Pack food for breakfast and snacks on vacation



Go to the library instead of buying books

Buy clothes at thrift and consignment stores
Check out online consignment stores

Stop impulse and recreational shopping,
Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale!



Stop buying lottery tickets

Buy discounted movie and theme park tickets and restaurant gift cards… or not at all



Don’t carry a credit card balance
Shop with cash not plastic, even if it’s a debit card
Make a budget
Pay off debt as soon as possible… use your tax refund to give you a boost
Be content with what you have

Learn about money management

Take the No Spend Month Challenge



There isn’t much on this list that’s new. That’s because what you really need is to DO what’s on the list.

Share your best money saving tip in the comments! 🙂



[c/o http://www.growingslower.com/2014/01/easy-ways-save-money.html]


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