Push ups vs Pull ups

The difference in benefits of push ups vs pull ups…



Benefits of push-ups:

1) Increases metabolic rate
2) Improves circulation of blood and oxygen in the body.
3) Push-ups are excellent for gaining healthy weight by increasing muscle mass.
4) Improves bone health
5) Is a low risk workout
6) Push-ups are effective for core muscles and upper body muscle groups

Push-up mistakes to avoid:

Avoid putting too much pressure on your arms, when you stretch.
Do not forget to breathe when you go down and exhale when you push-up.



1) A good cardio exercise
2) Pull-ups are excellent for the latissimus dorsi, rhomboid muscles and the arm muscles.
3) Promote fat loss
4) Strengthens the back muscles
5) Improves grip

Pull-up mistakes to avoid:

The width of your hand should not be less than your shoulder width.
Don’t touch the back of your head to the bar.
Don’t swing while pulling up.
Do not jump when pulling up.
Avoid this exercise if you have an injured shoulder, injured scapula or any other health issues related to shoulder, elbow, wrist or neck.

Pull-up Variations:

1) One hand pull-up
2) Close grip pull-up
3) Chin-up
4) Cliff hanger
5) Towel pull-up


[c/o http://healthmeup.com/versus-diet-fitness/push-up-versus-pull-up/]


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