When you just “can’t”

I’m sure you’ve been there. Perhaps you’re there right now.

When a season in life is weighing heavy, … hereare a few thoughts to share which may help.

1. Let go of the unnecessary

If it isn’t crucial to the well-being of your family right now, release it. This might mean some hard choices, such as giving up projects you love (for me, that was sewing), sports, lessons, extra social activities, trips. If it gives you peace, you will be blessing your family. Before we began traveling for a living, we made a 4000-mile road trip every summer to visit family, most of whom can’t visit us. Twice it was more than we could handle on many levels. As difficult as it was to not see family those years, we had to let that go.

2. Compromise

Are you too overwhelmed to keep up with cloth diapers? Go disposable for a time…or forever. Is making your own bread too much to handle right now? Find the best store-bought bread your budget can handle and eat that for a while. Make that slight change for the moment until you can come back to do it 100% later, you might even find that your alternative wasn’t that bad after all.

3. Say “no”

It is often difficult to say “no,” and even more difficult to say “no longer” when you are already involved in something.  In short, sometimes absence gives others the opportunity to step up.

4. Take a break

Sometimes you have to completely let go for a while.

5. Release the guilt

If you let things go for a time and replace the obligation with guilt, you are not improving your situation. Commend yourself for focusing on what is necessary, and forget about the rest.

6. Share the burden and blessing

So what if the towels aren’t folded the way you want, nothing above four feet is dusted, or the toilet paper roll is put on the wrong way—okay, maybe that last one can’t be overlooked. Learning to serve others and become adept at life skills is vital, and what better way than by sharing some of the load. Sharing brings people together

7. Ask for help

It may just be that God has allowed your situation to give someone else an opportunity to step forward and serve you and Him in the process. Accept help when it is offered. Even better, ask for help.  Most people feel blessed to be able to help others.

8. Don’t be a control freak

Whenever I feel like my life is spiraling out of control, I remind myself that I was never in control to begin with. I can release myself from the worry, anxiety, and guilt that often come with not being able to do it all.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by current circumstances that will pass in time, or you are adjusting to a new normal, take steps to lighten your load and find peace, both for your own well-being and for the sake of your family.



[c/o http://thehumbledhomemaker.com/2012/06/when-you-just-plain-cant.html]


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