Wise words for Growth

Things I have learned after I Opened myself up to Growth:

  1. Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, will suffer if each individual is not completely secure in themselves and do not have their own “thing” going on in life.
  2. Think bigger.
  3. Nothing is permanent.
  4. Everything you see in others is a reflection of yourself.
  5. You are 100% in control of your actions, thoughts, and emotions.
  6. Kindness always wins. Always.
  7. Adjust your thinking, and you will adjust your whole world.
  8. Deciding to only allow positivity and growth into your life is like knocking over the first domino. Same goes for deciding to allow negativity and complacency.
  9. People do not hurt your feelings. You let people hurt your feelings.
  10. When you are secure and confident in your worth, no one and nothing can make you feel worthless.
  11. Everything you are searching for outwardly, can only be found inside.
  12. No one can ever complete you. You are created complete and whole, but we are programmed from day 1 to “need” others.
  13. Your potential is so vast and infinite that your mind could not ever conceive what you are capable of. So trust in your path, and be open to all possibilities that come your way.
  14. Worry, anger, and anxiety literally get you nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.
  15. In the wise words of Lena Dunham “It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate” And it is. Say no if you want to. Set boundaries.
  16. Love yourself and you are unstoppable.


[c/o http://healthyisthenewskinny.com/]


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