Anti-diet weight loss tips

6 weight loss tips

Your water bottle may be making you fat

More and more studies are concluding that the chemicals found in many plastics are harmful. Many plastic drink bottles contain chemicals including BPA, which can be leached into our water. These chemicals have the potential to affect the size of our fat cells and fat storage as well as mucking around with our hormones. Try to use BPA-free plastic or opt for a glass or a stainless steel variety.


Sleep seven hours a night

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing – sleeping helps recalibrate our hunger hormones and appetite signals. Turning off the TV and bright lights before bed reduces stimulation, helping you have a deeper and more beneficial sleep.


Spice up your diet

Eating meals with a bit of a kick helps speed up the metabolism. Spicy foods reduce levels of ghrelin (remember ghrelin makes your stomach ‘growl’, increasing hunger) and raise appetite-suppressing hormones. To get your digestion firing, try adding chilli, turmeric and pepper to meals.


Don’t go for a first place finish

You want to be the slowcoach at the table. Fast eaters often eat more than they need to. Talk more, put the fork down and try to be the last one to finish meals. This gives your body enough time to stimulate appetite control hormones, letting your body know you’ve eaten enough.


Beware of the “F-its”

After having a bit of chocolate, many of us decide to throw in the towel and have the whole block. “F-its” can give you the license to eat more and worse. Notice when you make bad decisions like this and change your actions. Remember that lapses are okay and you can easily recover by eating lots of veggies and loading up on water.


Commit to the one plate rule

Whether you’re at home, at a function, or away on holidays this is a good rule for any buffet situation. Start with good intentions – load up half your plate with fresh veggies, even if you have to steal the garnish from something. One-quarter of your plate should be a good source of protein. Lastly, include a good source of fat from oils, avocado or nuts from the dessert bar. Eat your veggies first which are full of fibre, and eat slowly – savour this one plate of goodness


[c/o The Little Book of Thin]


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