1930 Marriage Rating Scale

Courtesy of Dr. George W. Crane,


these charts were part of a 1930s project meant to help husbands and wives exchange “constructive feedback” and end marital discord by cataloging frequent sources of irritation. According to The Atlantic: In the 1930s, [Crane] went around to a bunch of husbands and said, “Hey husband, what does your wife do that annoys you?” And then he added all those complaints up and created a handy chart that let you rate your spouse against the generic ideal/anti-ideal.


And in the American Psychological Association’s magazine: Although most people who read the test today find it humorous and obviously dated, Crane did attempt to make it scientific. His method was to interview 600 husbands on their wives’ positive and negative qualities. Then he listed the 50 demerits and merits that arose most frequently. Crane did admit to using a personal bias in weighting the items that he thought were most important in marriage.

[c/o The Good Man Project ]


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