Underrated Attractive Qualities

When I was little, my parents advised me not to date the cutest or most popular ones, as looks fade and nobody cares about one’s social standing in youth after high school ends. They wanted me to appreciate those who were warm, intelligent and loyal, and though we spend a chunk of college and post-graduation years doing the exact opposite, we eventually realize our parents were right all along.

We all want to find partners with wonderful qualities, but some attributes — i.e. physical appearance and professional standing — seem to be more valued than others. Here are a couple underrated traits that make for amazing significant others.

10. Desire to share food

9. Bedhair

8. Willingness to watch shows you love

7. Similar sense of humor

6. Calling you out when necessary

5. Being even-tempered

4. Being great with children

3. Not getting irked by the talk

2. Resourcefulness

1. Telling you that you look amazing


[c/o http://hellogiggles.com/]


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