Unintentional bad habits

A. Checking your email every time it pops into your inbox.
B. Cleaning everything all day.
C. Worrying about things you cannot control.
D. Reading your Facebook feed when bored or tired.
E. Not getting enough sleep.
Waking up too late.
F. Filling your calendar with too much to-dos.
G. Expecting too much from a single day.
H. Juggling multiple things at once.
I. Forgetting to do the important things first.
J. Waking up and checking email first.
K. Going to bed with your phone or other device.
L. Sitting all day at the computer.
M. Looking at a device more than those you love.
N. Putting off little things for so long they add up to become big things.
O. Forget to schedule time for relaxing and fun.
P. Rushing through every single moment.
Q. Not really listening to those around you.
R. Saying yes to everyone but yourself.
S. Not knowing how to say no with grace.


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