Live smarter not larger

Let’s wind the clock back twenty, fifty, a thousand years.

Historically, an individual’s successes have been measured by what he/she could claim as their own.
Caveman A has big shiny rock, and is now more important than Caveman B who has no rock. Nobleman A has a farm and a silver mine, who is a better suitor than Nobleman B, who has neither. Man A is more successful than Man B because he has a big house in the suburbs and two automobiles parked in his drive-way.

The trend still continues today, some are still obsessed with their own success and the subjective factors that just don’t matter:
have the best phone, the sharpest clothes, the coolest car, the biggest house.
There are some things evolution just can’t weed out, but sit a depression era individual in the same room as a millennial and the differences in the cultural perceptions on what makes a successfully person are palpable.

The Great Recession put a lot of overly ambitious people in check. Many people who had taken out loans on houses they couldn’t afford to begin with lost them, and as usual the middle and lower classes suffered direly.

People began to see the dangers of wanting more than we actually needed. We started paying attention to our food, our buying habits, our commodities, our way of life, and how wrong we may have been to want a life that we were always taught to believe was “successful”.

I’m happy that everyday new articles, and documentaries are being written and made about the shifting cultural values of what measures a successful person. 

A successful person can be the simple organic farmer. It can be the person living in a 200sqft house on the back of a trailer. It can the person saving money by livingly cheaply instead of spending it on things he/she doesn’t need anyway.

Man is quickly discovering that they needs to be living smarter, not larger.

The “Great American Dream” is no longer a game of quantity, but of quality and sustainability, and for the contemporary individual that distinction will make all the difference in terms of his/her success.

So stop working your ass off for the life you really don’t want anyway, and start living for the life you really need!

[S. Trent]


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