All or Nothing

In this day and age of the non-relationship, it’s sometimes difficult to know your what’s right when it comes to being in a relationship. Each relationship is different and ‘each to their own’ but sometimes some things just need to be known.

After much discussion with the singles (male and female) I know who are making their way through this hook up culture minefield, it’s quite simple at days end: Just don’t treat the other like a temporary fix or afterthought.

Here are four things to realize:

You’re Worth More Than That
A relationship is the exchange of souls. It’s the drowning of emotion. It’s the dividing of hearts, and most importantly, it’s the loss and gain of time. It’s the decision to give up your life, the time that creates those moments in it, to someone else.

Love is only worth it when it’s mutual
If you love someone who does not return it, you must leave. Loving someone more than they love you will only bring you a life of agony and despair. Find someone who doesn’t just take what you give, but someone who reciprocates.

There will be someone who treats you better
It may not seem like it, but the world is huge and there are other people out there. It’s not just you and them. Share your love with someone who is ready to accept it. Never allow yourself to be unimportant.

Finally, Trust your Gut
If your gut tells you somethings not right, there’s probably something that’s causing that feeling. Pay attention to it and work through it rather than electing to ignore.

[c/o L. Martin, K. Wu]


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