Get Lean – 2. Motivation

Motivation is the key, and it’s much easier to change your habits, rather than completely cut off from your regular daily routine. It’s easier to slowly and gradually change into a healthier lifestyle than ‘quit cold turkey’. Time is your friend when it comes to a lifestyle change, which is sometimes why ‘diets’ tend to fail.

1. Meal planning.
Pre-prepare your weekly meals, and schedule a cheat meal once a week. That is, ONCE a week, NOT for an ENTIRE DAY each week. Remember that rewarding yourself isn’t so much the aim but it is to allow yourself some ‘room to breathe’, ultimately you don’t want to ‘lose your gains’ of the week. Keep in mind that good, healthy meals can be delicious too!

2. Take photos.
It’s probably the last thing you want to do but it’s rewarding when you see how you’ve slowly and (unknowingly) progressed over time.

3. Reward yourself!
Pick a weekly reward. Your reward can be anything from a picnic (BYO healthy meals of course) in the park with your kids, a short mountain hike, a swim in the pool, or just a quick 20 minute break to relax and ‘smell the roses’.

Finally, not a ‘point’ as per say rather a ‘choice’… keep motivated individuals around you. We each can ‘fall off the wagon’ but make sure you have those vital individuals who will be able to help you back up and vice versa of course!


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