Warm-up Training

There was a recent online article nominating the “… most damaging types of training…”. Interestingly enough we were hoping to write something similar but definitely not the same.

Rather, we were hoping to hone in on what should be done prior to undertaking training, whatever type/style/genre of training you elect to partake.

So, what are the biggest things you should focus on?

1. Pre-hydration
2. Nutrition
3. Stretching/Warming up

Now we’re all aware that numbers 1 and 2 are more of a day-to-day thing… beyond our control at the precise time of training. Number 3 on the other hand is a at-any-point-in-time-prior-to-training thing.

Having sufficient time to warm up and stretch properly plays an integral role in what might happen during training.
It’s recommended that you always warm up completely, and focus on warming up those key muscles/groups you plan on using in your training session further, to ensure maximum gain and minimize the possibility of injury.

Easy said (and written) but ‘sometimes when we’re short on time, a quick workout is all we can achieve…’, we suggest you think of the time lost if you got injured vs time spent warming up…

Now to get thinking about the cool-down post-training…


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