15 year old… younger self

Being at the age you are, doing what you’ve done, having experienced all you have… what would you say to your 15 year old, younger, self?

Some words c/o News.com.au and In Style magazine (happy 15th In Style magazine!) by some stars:-

“If I could say something to my younger self it would be, ‘It’s all [part of] an evolution. It doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative, it’s an evolution. Understand what the end goal. Life is about enjoying yourself and trying to make the most of moments. It’s nothing to get too serious about….
I feel like sometimes you can get too serious. Then it loses the fun and you have to wonder, ‘Well, what am I doing this all for?’”

“What would I say to my 15-year-old self? I would sit her down and remind her that it’s really okay to be yourself; in fact, it’s wonderful. We try to conform to fit someone else’s view but it’s your life—and you never know what’s around the bend.
It takes courage and vulnerability to be that true with yourself and with others.”

What would you say to your younger self? What recommendations would you give about life, love, work, family, friends…?


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