November 16 – 22, 2014 Theme: “Stand Up! (to bullying)”

Bullying is a universal issue that touches almost every person, family, school, business or community at one time or another regardless of age, gender, race, religion or socio-economic status.

Some may believe that bullying is outwardly seen, however it’s the unseen effects that have the biggest impact. Although bullying has been around for many, many eons, in different forms and forums – luckily for the public, bullying itself is now negatively publicized in our faces via various means and is becoming more and more in media, and on social media, that bullying is rampant.

Bullying is not only a “school” issue, bullying is a broader community health and wellness issue. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime. Through studies it has been found that the effects for bullying in childhood can last a lifetime for both the child who’s bullied and for his/her tormentor, while bullied kids can have depression and anxiety in adulthood, it’s also possible that the bullied child grows up to ‘fight back’ therein becoming a bully themselves in later life due to the impact that they previously experienced.

Not only the ‘school yard’ bully rears it’s ugly head as bullying is found to be rampant in companies and corporations both big and small, and most individuals are forced to suffer in silence due to the internal politics and ‘company’s interests’ that are applied when investigating in-house. Bullying also has economic costs associated with decreased productivity, lost man-hours, absenteeism, workplace aggression, harassment and intimidation.


Irrespective of when or where it happens, from who to whom, or what reasoning may be behind it, one thing to always know is that sometimes all it takes is for someone to step up and say: it’s not okay!